DuraTech Cabinetry

Clearwater Spas DuraTech cabinets will provide the authentic beauty of wood with many years of ultra-low maintenance.In addition, all of our DuraTech cabinets are backed with Reflective Thermal Shield insulation; rigid foam panels lined with thermal foil to provide maximum energy efficiency. Color Options are black, brown, and gray.

Ultra-low maintenance. Just an occasional wash with soapy water will keep your cabinet free of dust & grime and looking its very best.

No wood-fiber in the mix. Your DuraTech cabinet is a synthetic material that will not fade, or succumb to moisture damage due to water absorption.

Solid pieces. Just like real wood, DuraTech synthetic wood is made in solid pieces and is the same material right down to the core. There are no veneers and no inferior inner layers or filler.

Ultimate outdoor performance. DuraTech will resist splinters, rot and warpage; neither will it suffer from fungal decay or termite/insect damage.

Eco-friendly material. DuraTech is a non-toxic and encapsulated product that will not leech chemicals into its environment. DuraTech is manufactured in an environmentally conscious plant. DuraTech synthetic lumber is fully recyclable and helps reduce the consumption of forests.

(*Standard in Swim Spa, Northwest, Resort, Beachcraft, Contempo, Evergreen and Lite Series in colors Black, Brown, Gray or Mystic Gray)

Cedar Cabinetry

Our beautiful, western red cedar cabinets come from British Columbia, Canada and are certified to the Sustainable Forest Management System (SFM) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Cedar is distinctive and naturally stylish but also resists warping and rotting through harsh weather conditions. Cedar is naturally termite and insect resistant, and provides both thermal and sound insulation. Color options are natural and driftwood.

(*Optional Upgrade for Resort, Beachcraft, Northwest or Evergreen in colors Natural or Driftwood)