TPS™ Total Purity System |  Optional Feature

Revolutionary Spa Water Purity System.

Total Purity System (TPS) is a self-sanitizing system which represents the apex of spa cleaning technology and is designed to cover the broadest spectrum of contaminants, of any system. No chemicals*, just pure, clean water.

Double Filtration  |  Standard Feature

Clean, pure water – 100% filtered.

100% Filtered Water, Several Times A Day. Clearwater Spas anti-vortex filtering system allows maximum filtration.

UVC Plus Ozone  |  Standard & Optional Feature*

Clean Light™ UVC technology and ozone system dual-unit destroys bacteria.

This ultra-violet germicidal (UVC) and integrated ozone sanitation system has the leading-edge technologies combined into one dual-unit.

Ozone  |  Standard Feature

Clearwater Spas ozone helps clean water naturally with less chemicals.

Using the latest technologies in ozone water purification, the ozonator uses corona discharge to produce ozone (O3).

Salt System  |  Optional Feature

Salt water sanitizing system for natural water purity.

Purify water with less maintenance.  The optional Salt System is a natural water purification system that helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed and water changes.  This system allows you to create the exact amount of sanitizer needed to maintain crystal clear water.