Revolutionary Spa Water Purity System

Exclusively from Clearwater Spas

Total Purity System is a self-sanitizing system which represents the apex of spa cleaning technology and is designed to cover the broadest spectrum of contaminants, of any system.

Clearwater’s proprietary Total Purity System combines 4 water treatment technologies into one system.

Copper/Silver Ionization System:

 Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria and algae cells and kill them by changing their molecular structure. The dead cells combine into chunks that are collected by the filter.

Clear Balance Conditioner System™:

Water passes by the powerful magnetic field which polarizes molecules and gives water a positive (+) charge. This clumps particles such as dirt, skin cells, and body oils into larger particles which are more effectively filtered out by the filtration system.

Germicidal UV:

Ultraviolet Sterilization is created by passing water over a focused wavelength ultraviolet (UV) lamp. These are used to sanitize water in EPA-approved devices.

Ozone Generator: 

Ozone is a gas that kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organics, and breaks down chloramines via oxidation.

Why is it better? 

TPS helps eliminate red eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits, and the odor of chemicals.This system essentially transforms your spa into an oasis of mineral pure water.